Henna Hand.

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Say hello to my henna hand!

I started doing henna 2 years ago and fell in love, I could never decide on a real tattoo so this gives me the best of both worlds. I can put the henna anywhere on my body (stains best on hands + feet) wait for it to dry and rub/peel away and it will last a week or more depending on the quality of henna. I got this brand in Texas but I’ve gotten my other henna cones at http://www.hennaking.com and it comes in a medium cone tube with the tip already cut ready to start creating your masterpiece  (:

– one important thing, its good to have a steady hand.

If you’ve done henna or gotten a henna tattoo, I’d love to hear about it!?


Carly jane

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Tis The Season.

001 - Copy


-All photography taken by me! @ the Waveland golf course (:

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Something New.

Wow! 3 months, I can’t say I’ve been up to much except work and hanging out but I will fill you in on the most exciting thing that has happened…I got my first paid modeling job! eeeeeee! A week ago I met up with Natalie and Jessica (the designer and photographer) and modeled her accessories, ie : scarves, handbags and jewelry. It was awesome! One of my family friends recommended me to Natalie and boom, magic was made! This was of course lots of fun and a great experience, I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity (:

Here are a few pictures from the shoot :


(soooo in love with this plum infinity scarf)


You can check out more of her accessories and order some too, if you like (: @ http://www.stansberrydesign.com/ & photography By: La Ti Da Photography, you can look up more of her photos on Facebook.

I’m sorry I’ve been such a terrible blogger, I’m going to make more of an effort so please check back in a few days! I would also like to add tonight’s sunset was breath-taking, it’s almost unreal how the sky can be pink, orange and blue mixed with purple all at the same time. It’s like a tye dye in the sky (: so perfect in so many ways! I hope everyone has had a good Tuesday, I’m running on lots of caffeine right now and very little sleep haha I suppose the perks of working at a coffee placeeeee.

peace & rock on my love bugs..


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Maffitt Lake Loveee.

Hey Loves!

So a few weeks back my best friend came to visit me and anna. Mary is her name and she lives in Tennessee but is originally from here..Anyway, here are some of the photos we took one day out at Maffitt Lake (:


(Me, Anna and Mary)




Notice anything different!? I’m wearing my glasses (: I never wear them in photos but recently I had a change of heart and wore them..Anyway, I’m in love with this neon purple skirt! Its soooo perfect for any occasion and this dot top is too cute. I wore it another time with skinny jeans, white flats of some sort & a gray sweater for warmth.

I’m also in love with Anna’s coral ruffle top! Simple & Sweet (:

Some of these photos are kind of silly, I can’t help but laugh at a few of them too! The 3 of us have been friends for 5+ years and we’ve definitely been trough thick and thin. Mary’s visit was a great one for sure!

Here is one more photo I took of her while she was visiting that I absolutely love!


Hope you all have a great Thursday, I’m about to get ready and go to work and when I say work..I mean just stand around and pray a customer walks in haha


Carly jane

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Black Beauties.

Today has been such a beautiful day!

Anna and I thought it would be fun to take a drive down some of the gravel roads near our house this afternoon. It was a lovely temp. of 77 degrees here, living in Iowa in the middle of august corn fields are all around and bound to be a great photo opportunity!

 On our journey we stopped and took some photos (:


Wow! I’m in love with the way these photos turned out (: Anna’s dress fits her so perfectly and I can’t get enough of the lace. Funny how this used to be our mothers dress from back in her day and today it is still in style!

Anna used a necklace as a belt for a fun new twist & I added the skull necklace for more of an edgy vibe. Both can help lift up any dress or outfit!

(Both of our dresses are vintage)

Hope you’ve all had a great Monday!


Carly jane


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Coffee & Market.


The other morning Anna and I got coffee at Caribou, Recently tried a carmel latte there and it was delicious! Definitely suggest giving that flavor a try if you haven’t already (: I also did a little carving on the dock

Be Yourself

040 - Copy

It was such a beautiful day too! The market was full of people, got some tasty tomatoes and carrots. I also got my favorite cherry danish, every Saturday I must treat myself to one! Next weekend I’ll get a photo to share with you all of its tastiness (:

My best friend Mary was in town visiting until early this morning, when she went back to Tennessee. I’m definitely going to miss her! I’ll be posting photos of her and Anna and myself soon! This was such a great weekend, definitely something I needed.

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend too!


Carly jane

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Hello Loves!
If you remember awhile back I posted a sneak peek photo of a photoshoot I did with my sister, Anna and our good friend Aly. She’s really inspired by wedding, engagement and family photos. You can check out more of her photos here : http://alycarrollblog.com/

Brackett Bridal  Edited-50

Brackett Bridal  Edited-53

Brackett Bridal  Edited-40

Brackett Bridal  Edited-32

Brackett Bridal  Edited-88

Brackett Bridal  Edited-90

Brackett Bridal  Edited-86

Brackett Bridal  Edited-100

I would also like to add these photos were taken just for fun, I’m not getting married..at least not right now, maybe in the future (: This was such a fun photoshoot too! Aly has the most amazing closet of clothes and accessories and shoes, ahhh it’s a girls dream, I tell youuuu.

Hope everyone had a good wednesday so far! Mine has been up and down, too much on my mind lately. Going to try to have some fun this weekend though, my best friend is coming into town late tonight for a week & I’m so excited to see her, it’s been way to long.

I’ll be updating again soon!


Carly jane



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Casual Sunday.


Keepin it casual with summer dresses today. My dress is from target, love the v-neck and simple color of pink. This is actually one of my go to dresses, it can be casual or dressed up!

Anna’s dress is from Delias, the baby doll dress is so cute and perfect for a sunny day!  

051 - Copy



Anna and I spent the day at two of our favorite spots. Greenwood park this morning and Maffitt lake this afternoon. It’s such a perfect day! fluffy clouds, hot with a cool breeze. Just so peaceful and beautiful, I’m really in love with mother nature (:

I hope everyone has had a great weekend! I spent most of mine inside at work but today was a nice change (: I’m glad to have tomorrow off too. Will probably spend the rest of my day relaxing at home, maybe take a nap with my cat Mogli or do some drawing. I’ve been working on a new drawing, keep your eyes open!

Well…happy sunday.


Carly jane

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Nature Is Calling..


I will be the gladdest thing under the sun, I will touch a hundred flowers and not pick one.


Friends are flowers in life’s garden.


Every time I plant a seed, He say kill it before it grow, he say kill it before they grow.


The more I see the less I know for sure.


My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.

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