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Hey All!

It’s still winter here in Iowa, yet I find myself always wanting to pose in summer clothes (: What can I say, anything for a great photo!

Sorry I’ve been so m.i.a lately, I’m going to try and make a better effort to post regularly and keep ya’ll updated on my life. Though not much is new, I went blondeeee! I’m loving it, not completely blonde but it’s  close. I’ve been working lots and staying boy crazy as usual. Hoping for some warmer weather and more free time..dreams.


Carly jane


Meet  my best friends too (:

Mary on my left and Danyelle on my right.

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Feather, Follow Me…

Hello, Hello!!






It’s getting to be fall here in Iowa, though that hasn’t stopped me from showing a little skin here and there! It’s not winter yet (:

Just got my hair cut today, trying something new and got bangs (: I’ve had them once before, so it’s not really a new change. Also trying out my new skirt from Forever 21 & my new sheer tank from TJ Maxx. Also the shoes are borrowed from my sister in-law, seriously so perfect though! I’m in love this new lip color too, I just picked it up @ Walgreens earlier. I believe its called Black cherry.

Oh! and I don’t know if you all noticed, but I’m wearing my glasses! I actually hurt my eye a few days ago at work and have to wear my glasses for a while, semi unfortunate at times..for example rainy days, milk or syrup splashing in your face at work haha (I work at Starbucks) though, I really do love them at the same time, they give me a new look, a new change of pace..

I hope you’re all having a great Wednesday! It’s been a pretty fall day here but I’d say went by too fast! Gotta get ready for work tomorrow, will start posting again regularly so please be on the look out!

Lots of Love,

Carly jane

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Babe In Black.

Hello, Hello!

It’s a gloomy, rainy, cold day here in Iowa and I’m sick. This weekend hasn’t been very nice outside either so being sick couldn’t have come at a better time but that being said, I hope I’m better before work on monday morning! Though I hope you’ve all had a great weekend so far (:

So switching things up, everyone loves a black dress and can I say always a sliming color! This is another look shot by Aly Carroll of Aly Carroll Photography @ http://www.alycarroll.com

(This would be the perfect party outfit or any formal event)


View More: http://alycarroll.pass.us/carly-outfits

View More: http://alycarroll.pass.us/carly-outfits

View More: http://alycarroll.pass.us/carly-outfits

View More: http://alycarroll.pass.us/carly-outfits


Seriously in love with this dress and collar necklace! The vail is a fun twist along with the cheetah print skinny belt & the shoes are unique but still classy. This was my one of my favorite looks & such fun wear too.

Also I’m in love with http://www.lookbook.nu

-If your a fashion lover n blogger like me, I highly suggest making a lookbook account. Its perfect for finding out about new style trends or making up your own. When I cant find something to wear I sometimes go and look for inspiration, even if I don’t have the same article of clothing in the photo it’s still a reference to fashion and the perfect outfit day to day.

It definitely helps (:

You can find me on the site too @ http://lookbook.nu/carlyjane6590

Wellllll, thats all for today!


Carly jane

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Summer Is Almost Here..

View More: http://alycarroll.pass.us/carly-outfits

View More: http://alycarroll.pass.us/carly-outfits

Hey Loves!

Summer is almost here! …Or so I’m wishing! Took these photos with my gal-pal Aly out at Waterworks park here in Iowa yesterday and it looks like a great day by the photos but it was really freezing out at a high of 38 degrees with wind! & did I mention it’s snowing here today? Crazy, I know..but anything for an amazing photo!

I’ve been recently getting back into modeling so coming up you will see a lot of professional photos Aly has taken of me (: I’m super excited & I hope you all love them too!

(You can check out more of Aly’s photography @ her website : http://www.alycarroll.com or on Facebook @ Aly Carroll Photography)

Now lets talk about my outfit : It’s perfect for a spring to summer switch, jeans and a light airy top will keep your comfortable but still cute. the earrings are fun and give this simple look something else and to make it your own you can add more accessories like I did with the hat. I’m in love with flouncey hats like this, I can imagine wearing it all summer to be honest.

Anywhoooo, I’ve got to get ready for work. I’m sure on this dreary day tons of people will be wanting coffee from starbucks….not. haha well, who knows but I will keep you updated with some more photos soon!

Lots of love,

Carly jane

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Definitely Something Else.




Hey There Loves!

Semi-beautiful day here in Iowa, in the high 50’s! You know I couldn’t resist taking a few outfit photos and getting outside, with a cool breeze I thought shorts would be fun and paired with one of my favorite tee’s and light cardigan..it’s the perfect outfit (:

I actually made these shorts last summer! bought them originally in the yellow and bleached them vertically and turned them yellow and white, half and half. I also added some studs for some extra texture.

Definitely something different when you see this outfit but, honestly thats what I’m all about. Be yourself.

I hope everyone is having a great wednesday! It’s the middle of the week people, two more day until the weekend! & it can’t come soon enough..this weekend is supposed to be in the high 70’s holllla!!
I also happen to have Saturday and Sunday off from work so I will be taking full advantage of this beautiful weekend to comeeee.

Check back for more photos (:


Carly jane

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Animal Print Friday.





-Finally a beautiful day here in Iowa, lately it’s been cold, wet and rainy but…today! The clouds are so fluffy and amazing, which only means an awesome sunset tonight (:

Thought a little animal print was perfect for this lovely Friday afternoon! I paired my animal print dress with neutrals of gray, black and tan.

(I can’t resist my neutrals with any outfit) or (my gray hat)

Soooo, things have actually been going great for me. Friends, boys and life all seem to be playing in my favor and I can’t complain. How about ya’ll?

This weekend should be amaze-balls too! So stokedddd.


Carly jane

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Yesterday was so beautiful outside, spent some time out at Maffitt lake with Mary (: Seriously, my favorite place in Iowa! The trees here are what makes this place so special.

We thought it would be fun to get a photo of our eye’s too!


(Mary’s Blue Eye)


(My Brown Eye)

-Though I will add i never thought I had green in my eyes like my mother, but I now know this is true i do (:

Eyes are another one of my favorite things on people!

Anywhooooo, Happy Easter All! Just spent some time with the family, had a delicious brunch and conversation..lets not forget mimosa’s!! It was a good day.

Now, just hanging out listening to some Lana Del Rey. Love her voice and her song Radio.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday All!


Carly jane

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Beautiful Daze.

Hey loves!

What a beautiful day here in Iowa, seriously in love with this weather so far! Went to one of my favorite spots with my friends Mary + Morgan and took some fun pictures (:


(Mary, Carly, Morgan)










Out at Maffitt Lake, the one and only.


I hope you’re all having a great Thursday..tomorrow is friday, get ready for that weekend action! ayeeeee!


Carly jane

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Outdoors Fun.

Hey Loves!

What a beautiful week it has been here in Iowa (: Got to spend some time outside with a few friends at Walnut woods & here are a few photos from our adventure!





^ (Photo Cred: Mary Reed) ^




(The rest of these photos were taken by me) : Carly Brackett Photography

I hope you’ve all had a great week, it’s Friday so…SMILE! (:


Carly jane

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Are You Here Yet?


Where is spring? Huh? C’mon weather give me something great!

Hey all! how have you been?

I know its been awhile, so much has been going on, so many awesome outfits too (: I don’t even know where to start..so maybe i’ll just share with a few photos of myself, friends and my pets!




073 - Copy (2)




023 - Copy (4)



Well That’s all for now, more coming soon!

(The kio fish drawing was draw by yours truly)


Carly jane